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This concert had more trouble than any I've been to recently. Firstly I was never meant to be going, it was set to be on Thursday at the Arena. Then after some dude from Escape the Fate got his junk out at an all ages concert at the Arena recent the police decided not to approve all ages gigs there anymore.

Underoath then, somehow, manage to move the concert to the Tivoli, two days early. My mate who had tickets couldn't move his flight. To say the least he was pissed. On the upside for me I got to go.

For some bizzare reason (I've never really been to all ages concerts before so that may explain it) it started at 6pm and was designated to finish at 9.30. In time for me to go home for a nana nap. Re-fucking-diculous.

We got there are a bit after 8, deciding that more beers were better than unnamed support acts. Underoath had already started. That sucked. I don't know how much we missed, but they were still introducing themselves after the first song we heard. So maybe two songs??

Then they come out and say that their keyboardist (Chris I think his name was) got really sick in and missed their flight from Africa over, and only just got in.


Anyway, they were pretty good, they obviously enjoyed playing their newer (read: heavier) stuff than their older more emo/screamo stylings. They played stuff from all parts of their back catalogue. The newest two albums are by far their best, both musically and by the atmosphere. People, band members included, were going crazy. Fight dancing turned into straight up circle pitting. Good times.

But I'm not exactly sure what makes them such a good band. Their guitars aren't fantastic and the keyboard is virtually non-existant. The drumming and singing was cool though. I guess it's just one of those bands that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Then, the band finishes at 9.10. 20 freaking minutes early. That's just not cool. I've always heard that Underoath are really dedicated to their fans and will go out of their way to sign autographs and shit, but I mean a better fan treatment would be PLAYING AS LONG AS THE FUCKING TIMETABLE SAYS YOU WERE MEANT TO. Especially when its only 9pm.

And then as we were walking out I was overheard some kids talking about the Soundwave lineup. And I quote "There are some old school bands going, like Nine Inch Nails and Alice in Cooper". Alice in Cooper indeed! Learn some musical history, appreciate bands like Alice in Chains for their greatness and stop talking about Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. They actually suck

Aagh. Still Underoath were good, it was just a night that seemed like it was never meant to be.

I went and saw the Faint live last night. Fantastic show. For those that don't know (which is a lot of people in Australia) is an indie band with a fair bit of electronic and punk influences. In fact wikipedia lists them as 'Dance-Punk', which is probably about right.

A five peice out of Nebraska in the States, they consist of a singer (wearing aviator glasses), two guitarist/bassists (they switched between instruments so often I don't think I could classify one as the guitarist and one as the bass player) a keyboard/synth player and of course a drummer.

They pumped out some fantastic sounds, a lot of it was really bass driven electronic stuff, but it all had very punky guitar and singing backing it up. I'd love to comment on the drums but I know next to nothing about drumming. He seemed good though.

from Wikipedia

A lot of music from their album Dance Macabre which was good because it's by far my favourite, and I think their best (Agenda Suicide, Let the Poison Spill from your Throat, and others). There was a fair bit from their new one Fasciinatiion and Wet From Birth both of which are good albums too.

I actually think they sounded better live than they do recorded, which is always excellent. No point going to a concert when their album is better than the show.

The atmosphere was pretty electric, not suprising though considering the size of the Zoo (tiny), and that it was sold out. People were jumping and dancing around for most of the show, then towards the end where the band started going a bit nuts it virtually turned into a moshpit. Not a violent punk or metal pit mind you, but losts of people jumping around together. Which was fun.

I'd nearly forgotten what it was like to leave a concert without having your feet crushed, having a bloody nose, and getting covered with sweat (the majority of it belonging to the shirt-lessfat bald man in front of you). It was a pleasant change.

Protest the Hero - Fortress

September 22nd 2008 00:47
Wow. Anyone who like guitar must listen to this album. I'd barely even heard of Protest the Hero before a week ago. As far as I knew they barely knew which end of a guitar did what. And now they bust out with one of the most technically incredible album's I've ever heard.

I first heard of this album in the magazine Death Before Dishonour. A great Aussie metal/punk (and all thing in between) mag out of Brissie. This album is fantastic. It's a strange, but awesome mix of Dillinger Escape Plan style 'mathcore' and prog metal stylings. As anyone who has read this blog before can tell, essentially that's everything I want in a metal band.

Although it must be said I really don't like the singer. I just don't think he hits properly. He's too high pitched, and for lack or a better description 'emo'. It's just not my cup of tea. Which is a shame because, musically, this album blows my socks off. But hey, he's growing on me already. I'll deal with it.

Protest the Hero - Fortress

I swear these guys realised they had too many solo's when writing this album, so just used half of them as riffs. That is seriously what it sounds like. Some of the underlying riffs on these songs could pass for a fairly solid solo in a different band.

The bass is a rubmling presence the entire album, only stopping to bust out two or three very cool solos. They're not particularly common in most heavy music, so it's always cool to hear a kick arse bit of bass playing in a metal record.

A fantastic album, even though the lyrics say otherwise, a happier Dillinger may be the best descriptor for Protest. Any fans of the genre, or just of rediculous musical ability have to check this out.

The Unforgiven III

September 19th 2008 06:30
I'll have an actual post in a couple of days, I want to write about Maylene and the Sons of Disaster and 36 Crazyfists at some stage (I haven't written about Crazyfists before right?).

Anyway, as a bit of a follow up to my Death Magnetic post I just wanted to mention that The Unforgiven III was one of my least favourite songs on the album to start with

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Metallica - Death Magnetic

September 15th 2008 05:51
Coldplay can shove it, this is the biggest album of the year, and I honestly didn't know what to expect. I'd heard good things for a while, that Metallica were getting back into the groove. Then they released the single 'The Day that Never Comes'.... I wasn't impressed. Sure it was better than St. Anger, but nothing mind blowing, nothing I'd class as worthy of Metallica, the band that is to metal what the Beatles are to all music.

So I've given the album a couple of listens now, and I can admit: I like it. Even The Day that Never Comes is good when heard in context of the whole album. It's thrashy, it's still a little Southern at times (hey I love a good bit of Southern rock/metal, just a don't want an entire Metallica album to be this), it's got elements of newer music without sounding like Korn or System of A Down as St. Anger did

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As I Lay Dying

September 8th 2008 02:08
As I Lay Dying are one of the biggest names in current metal at the moment. Despite the fact it's the style I generally like, and that I love the singer's side band Austrian Death Machine, I just can't get into them. They seem good, but not god enough to really pull me in.

I'm trying to amongst them, I really am, but these metalcore bands that have next to no clean singing can really rub me the wrong way, and I think that's what As I Lay Dying's problem is. Sure there are a couple of songs with clean vocals, but not that many, and most of those aren't that fantastic. Except for 'Confined' off Shadows are Security that song is wicked

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He Is Legend

August 18th 2008 06:32
So I haven't posted here or at Cinema XYZ for ages. But with a helpful reminder from Charles I figured I should throw some stuff down to at least keep the place going.

Anyway I've come across a couple of new bands recently that I can talk about, and I'm going to start with He Is Legend

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Australian Hard Rock

July 24th 2008 02:01
Australia has a long and venerable history of quality hard rock bands. AC/DC is, of course, the king of pretty much all Aussie bands, and is one of the greatest hard rock bands of all time.

More recently bands like Wolfmother, Jet and the Vines have spread some Aussie loving across the world, but to tell the truth I just don't dig them that much. I mean they're good. But they aren't the best bands we've produced. So I started thinking, who would be the best hard rock bands Australia has right now

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July 20th 2008 01:42
Against are a Brisbane based hardcore band. And I'm ashamed to say one I'd ignored until a couple of days ago. They've been around for years (since '01) and have two albums out, 'Left for Dead' and 'Loyalty and Betrayal'.

These guys are great, similar style and sound to say The Dead Walk!, but, you know, not about the zombie apocolypse. Their second album (Loyalty and Betrayal) has cameos from guys from some biggish Yankee bands like Terror and Agnostic Front with is fairly cool

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So I was catching the bus to work today and I noticed a poster for an upcoming concert. I always try to read these as sometimes there are good bands that I hadn't heard about touring. For example Gyroscope and Shihad are coming to Brisbane soon, I'll probably check that out.

But this poster nearly blew my mind. And not in the good way. Def Leppard with support from Cheap Trick. That's right, two of the worst bands of the 70s and 80s together again in 2008

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